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I want you to catch fish and have a great time.



Est. 1995

Guiding is my full-time profession, passion, and craft.  I'm driven by a strong work ethic and I take pride in doing things the right way.  It's how I was raised, it's what the Marine Corps taught me, and it's the example I want to set for my family and the fishing community of Otter Tail County where I've guided over 6000 outings in the past 29 years. 


Family & Fishing

In order to produce consistently good fishing, I spend about 300 days on the water each year.  My kids pitch in too and I love having them by my side.  Catching fish is fun, but the best days on the water involve something more - the time spent together, waves splashing, the soft lake air, shore lunch - it's northern Minnesota at its finest and something I want everyone to experience.



Let's customize a trip to meet your exact needs.   I have connections all over Lakes Country and look forward to helping you craft the perfect adventure.


Here are the most common questions I've received over the years.  If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact me directly.

  • Are the fish biting?
    Finding fish and getting them to bite is what I do. We will catch fish!
  • What do you supply?
    Open Water: professional guide service, boat, bait, tackle, fishing gear, rain gear, and life jackets. Ice Fishing: professional guide service, heated fish house, drilled holes, plowed roads, and on-ice transportation if you would like. Ice conditions change frequently, please inquire.
  • What do I need to bring?
    Bring a valid fishing license for each angler, food & drinks, a camera, proper attire and... Open Water: sun screen, sun glasses, and rain gear (I have extra). Ice Fishing: tackle, electronics, and bait (also available on request).
  • What lakes do you fish?
    Lakes in Otter Tail County primarily, but I do venture into Douglas County as well. Where we fish depends on a number of factors including your location, the weather, and the type of fish we're targeting.
  • Do you provide lodging or have lodging recommendations?
    I do not provide lodging directly but have connections with many great places to stay. For help finding a spot that suits your needs and budget, please contact me directly.
  • What type of fish can we catch?
    It depends on what you'd like to catch, the season, and what's biting. Walleye is the most requested species but I have plenty of experience targeting black crappie, sunfish, northern pike, small and large mouth bass, muskie, and sturgeon. It's fairly common to catch multiple species in one outing.
  • Do you fish tournaments?
    No I commit 100% of my fishing time to guiding.
  • Can I ride along and not fish?
    Yes! It's all about being on the water together, sharing the experience.
  • Can I bring alcohol on our trip?
    Sure, just don't over do it.
  • How do we handle payment?
    I accept cash or check, thank you.
  • I have special needs, can we customize a trip?
    Absolutely! I want to provide the best experience possible. Please contact me with your ideas and let's make it happen.


I'm blessed to have the support of these companies whose products I use and recommend on a regular basis.
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